Tekening door Alice Pons
15 t/m 28 februari 2021
Care society

What's the place of 'care' in our society?

Kunstenaarscollectief MOHA (bestaande uit Alice Pons en Olivia Reschofsky) onderzoeken in het artistieke project Who Cares? de plek van ‘zorg’ binnen onze samenleving. Je leest het onderzoek in het Engels.
Who Cares? is an artistic project researching the place ‘care’ has in our society. In order to do that, MOHA dives into six different professions, that deal with care one way or another. “Our position in relation to the contexts we are working in is always in question. (…) As we strive to understand the different structures that surround us, we become the structures themselves.” Right at this moment Alice and Olivia are following the activities of social workers.  

We are MOHA

Moha’s name comes from Hungarian, it means moss. They chose this name to reflect the desire to embody a moss like quality which grows and expands even in the most unexpected conditions.  

“We see our work as a resilient living ecosystem. Moha/moss is not one entity, and therefore can’t have only one fixed definition.”


This multiplicity and various perspectives that form MOHA is something they will reflect on and explore during their residency with us.

About MOHA

Moha is an Amsterdam-based artist collective formed by Alice Pons (France) and Olivia Reschofsky (Hungary). The two met while studying at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Quickly after they graduate, and because of the big funding cut, the street became their platform to develop and show their work.

Being present in public space is Moha’s most important tool. Through their projects, Alice and Olivia create connections between the art field and other disciplines. Moha becomes the bridge linking un-obvious fields and people together. As part of this mission, Moha’s uses art as a tool to design these encounters. Alice and Olivia work with specific communities and immerse themselves in new environments by becoming neighbors, working as nurses or maintaining graves. They shatter personal bubbles and connect with the day-to-day realities of people they may not otherwise encounter.

“This relational approach to art makes them one of the most vital performance collectives of the moment. “

– Marijn Lems

Last June Moha got nominated for the DNA Next prize with the concept for Who Cares?

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Eerdere residenties

Het Huis Utrecht en productiehuis Rotterdam
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Nominatie DNA NEXT

The Next is een stimuleringsprijs met een bedrag van maximaal 25.000 euro, uitgereikt aan een maker of groep die met een nog te maken productie de missie van DNA Next! maximaal uit wil dragen.

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