MOHA | Fotografie: Marc Henri Quere
30 maart t/m 26 april 2020
MOHA performancekunstenaars zorg

How can we centre the concept of ‘care’ in our artistic practice?

Kunstenaarscollectief MOHA (bestaande uit Alice Pons en Olivia Reschofsky) zetten tijdens hun residentie ‘zorg’ centraal. Je leest het onderzoek in het Engels.
The artist duo MOHA (Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky) asked themselves the question: what role can the concept of ‘care’ play in our work, and in the world in general? What could an ‘economy of care’ look like – a community or society that isn’t ruled by money, but by ‘social capital’? In their residency Pons and Reschofsky looked back at the way ‘care’ had played a role in their earlier work, interviewed different people about their relationship to ‘care’ and developed the first steps of their new project Dear Care, for which they enter into a pen correspondence with a variety of people to exchange views and ideas about what ‘care’ means.

one of the most vital performance collectives of the moment

MOHA specialises in work that enters into a relationship with a group of people. In their series ‘Unfolding Routines’ they entered a specific social space (a workplace, a city district, a housing unit) and delved into the daily routines of the people working there. In the public presentations of this process, the audience participates in these routines, to get to know a community from the inside out. This relational approach to art makes them one of the most vital performance collectives of the moment.