Milou van Duijnhoven © Anna van Kooij
11 t/m 24 oktober 2021
lichaam power ballad

Milou will be conducting research on the power ballad. A hybrid performative method where the body gets moved by multiple power sources. It is an intertwined state of being where to tame the body, voice and fantasy. It is kickstarting the body to juggle between these elements and let them erupt, fligh high, low and leave them in space.

Milou: ‘soft sticky stamina song’ gives birth to a body that relates and transforms with the fire of every breath. A sonic power immerses from the body. Dance and singing are united in a slow paced vulcanic eruption. A new age holistic musical that channels disturbing melodrama and visceral tears. The voice drips gasoline to move as a choreographic extension. An auditive body of work. A display of the bodily sensations of singing. A physical jukebox that researches the impact of the power ballad.



Milou studied performance at Toneelacademie Maastricht, then at School for New Dance Development. They are part of the performance collective La Isla Bonita and makes solo dance performances.