Connor Schumacher © Anna van Kooij
19 t/m 21 oktober 2021
social choreography people moving

which practice is useful to accomplish what?

HOLD is a new project in which dance is used as an applied art form around the stage to claim it as a stronghold of community practice. For Connor, dance is one of the most fruitful and valuable ways to do this. 'Would society be better if we danced everyday?' is a mantra woven into Connor's work. Building on this question, his practice explores how to move people, through social choreography, with the aim of getting as many people as possible moving. Building on Connor's social practice, HOLD takes shape through co-creation and collaboration. Together with like-minded creators, collaboration partners and together with participants in the process and in the implementation.

For this three-days residency Connor will collaborate with six experts in the field of social engagement, spatial order, art, and science to create an 'gesamtkunstwerk' where society and art meet. He will invastage the strategies in which this group can work together. These collaborators all have overlapping practices, and communities that they are already attached to. Which practice is useful to accomplish what?

Connor’s previous performances include Pilot PC and Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite.

About Connor Schumacher

Connor Schumacher is a dance artist and artistic leader of Stichting ARK, the foundation with which he organizes movement classes and raves and creates performances, with the goal to get people moving. Connor is convinced that the world would be a better place if we would dance every day.