Alaa Minawi
29 november t/m 1 december 2020

Alaa Minawi

Graduating from the Master Scenography at HKU in 2018, Alaa Minawi has a background as a light designer and scenographer, creating beautiful set and light designs for successful performances by Daria Bukvic and Saman Amini. But it’s his autonomous work that caught our eye. In his performative installations, Minawi uses his visual intelligence to create spaces that immerse the audience in his world – a space where borders are fluid, and where he gently asks the audience about their relationship to ‘belonging’. What decides whether or not you really belong somewhere? By drawing from his personal experience and gently interrogating his audience about their beliefs and values, he creates a safe space to exchange ideas, making political theatre that never feels like it’s lecturing the audience.

'The emphasis on the freedom to try things out and the openness to the possible changes along the way was unique in the collaboration with Het Huis Utrecht.'

- Alaa Minawi
Projects in Het Huis

2048 CYCLE, PART 4

Residency: 3rd of February through the 1st of March 2020


What does it mean to be invisible in a society?

In his performance cycle 2048, Palestinian-Lebanese performance artist Alaa Minawi has explored the concept of ‘belonging’ in different ways. For the third iteration of the project, he asked himself the question: what does it mean to be ‘visible’ or ‘invisible’ in a society? And can a certain ‘invisibility’ also be useful, as a way to more easily rebel against the system or as a way to stay off the radar of governmental institutions? In order to answer these questions, Minawi organised round table discussions about the subject and created a series of small performative interventions in the most hidden and least visible spaces of Het Huis.

2048 CYCLE, PART 2

Residency: 23rd of December 2018 through the 6th of January 2019


Following his graduation performance 2048 – The Machine, in which visitors were interrogated about their sense of belonging by a disembodied voice, Alaa started to work on the second part of the 2048 cycle. This second part would be more human: Alaa would directly address the audience, still without being seen, and the audience would be able to interact with one another and with the installation itself. The eventual work premiered at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September 2019.

'I value Het Huis’ support to new processes of research and by that my residency became almost a free space to try unusual, even uncertain, ideas.’

- Alaa Minawi

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